the-8-laws-of-social-media-marketingAs most of us are well aware, social media marketing is in, all likelihood, the most efficient way to market products or services to an organization’s targeted demographic. In today’s world, consumers are using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with each other. Based on that reality, communicating and promoting where your consumers are is nothing more than common sense. With a well thought out strategy in place, your business can successfully connect with your demographic in a highly effective manner, and do so most cost efficiently.

Here then are 8 laws to be followed in your quest for social media success. 

1- Listen

It’s not all about you! You must be willing to listen and engage. Enter into conversations with your followers. Offering a reply or comment can go a long way to building customer loyalty. Answer questions. Keep it light.

2- Stay Focused

It’s better to do one thing right than to do many things in a merely adequate manner. Select a platform which best serves your needs and where your consumers can be found. You can then create a social media content strategy to target your demographic. Own that platform and then move onto the next.

3- Produce Quality Over Quantity

Simply having more fans doesn’t necessarily translate into automatic success. Target your demographic as tightly as possible to create interest and engagement. It’s also better to post less than to post just for the sake of posting. Well thought out creative and appealing content will always be more effective than posting just because you feel you must. If you have nothing to say, say nothing. Also, nobody wants to see many posts in quick succession. It clogs up your followers’ newsfeed and is a sure way to have them “unfollow”.

4- Patience Wins

We’re all familiar with the children’s tale where the tortoise wins out over the hare. Realize that your following will grow with time. You can, and should, pay to play when it comes to social media to accelerate growth and engagement but understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

5- Influence The Influencers

Find the people who have significant followings and who interact with your demographic. Engage with them so as to share your content and talk about your business and its products or services with their following. This serves as a third party endorsement from a valued resource that can help you reach a new group of people.

6- Create Great Content

Content is king. Be informative, engaging, talk about your business and its products but also behave as a lifestyle magazine for your stakeholders. Post great content less often. 

7- It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

By creating great content, the hope is that your followers will share it with their friends thus giving you organic reach. Having content that followers share with their followers is the best testimonial you can get!

8- It’s Called Social Media For A Reason

Be social! Just as you wouldn’t ignore a person standing in front of you asking a question so must you also be attentive to comments and questions on your social media platforms. Social media is networking on steroids. Don’t miss the opportunity of letting your consumer know that someone is there. 

In conclusion, as a marketer, there has never before been the opportunity to so tightly target a specific demographic and reach out to these prospects with your products and services. Being able to maintain a relationship with them is where you must stand out from your competitors. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the biggest networking event in the world!