Drive Sales With These 5 Important Social Media Tips

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Social media evolution, along with advances in technology, have transformed the way marketers think and changed the way they behave. With plentiful data and readily available metrics, marketers can now drive measured results as never before. And they do!

By leveraging social media, your organization has the ability to build a loyal community of followers, maintain a “top of mind” relationship with your prospects and customers, and share your message which should result in increased sales and an overall boost in business for your company. Social media platforms have quickly become arguably the most effective, targeted form of online marketing ever. Yes, ever!

Read on for 5 key tips to help you drive more sales for your business through social media.

1. Use the same handle across your social profiles.

It’s branding 101. Using your brand name as your handle across all social media platforms makes it easy to be found by potential customers regardless of platform.

2. Leverage user generated content.

There is no better testimonial than receiving content created by followers of your business about your business, which can of course be repurposed. Leveraging user generated content instills a trust factor in perspective consumers as it is created by a 3rd party. Followers love to see their content being shared and appreciate that you are paying attention to user content. Create a branded hashtag allowing your followers to easily talk about your business and products. Also, try offering incentives such as “Pic of the Month” contests, discounts or giveaways encouraging consumers to share their content with you. 

3. Target the social platforms used by your demographic 

It sounds simple, but communicating with your targeted demographic on the platforms where they are active, is key. You don’t need to be everywhere…but only on the platforms relevant to your business and audience. Create messaging that will resonate with them. It is not important to interact with everyone, but it is critical to reach those most likely to engage with your brand. Targeted ad campaigns on the various social platforms allow you to drill down to your tightest demographic.

4. Tone is key.

Talk to your demographic using language, keywords, phrases and emojis that will resonate with them. It’s called social media for a reason. Be social. You want to be able to communicate with consumers easily using tone and messaging that is relatable to them.

5. Make it easy to convert.

It should be made as easy as possible for a potential customer to complete their purchase. It must be seamless for consumers to navigate through your website and complete their purchase process in as few clicks as possible. The more clicks it takes to complete a purchase, the greater the likelihood that the shopping and buying processes will be abandoned, lowering your conversion rate, and delivering fewer sales. Take advantage of the various tools offered by each platform to help optimize your performance. 

The Conclusion:

At the end of the day, it’s all about driving sales and generating ROI from your social media platforms. Taking into account the 5 tips mentioned above should help make your social media efforts pay off for your business. I’d welcome your thoughts, appreciate your input, and am of course always ready to provide additional information. Please get in touch by calling me, Jerry Cytryn, at 514 824 2262 or by clicking here

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