All Aboard The Social Media Train!

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Ok… you’re a small business, you’ve heard all this buzz about Social Media & ask yourself “should I climb aboard?” Well, yes! Brands must embrace and join Social Media since this is where consumers are having conversations.

Facebook is by far the largest and most significant of the Social Media and therefore should be your first whistle stop…. own it before moving onto the others. Facebook offers you, the small business owner, a way to get in touch with and communicate with the end user of your product in a way that didn’t exist a few short years ago.

Be social! They’re right there for you to talk to! Communicate with them, answer questions, deal with problems in a positive way so that other consumers see how you stand behind your brand. Mine them for information. Thinking of line extending? Use your free on-line Facebook focus group as a sounding board.

Beyond that, content is king! For the consumer who has already liked your page, seeing post after post of the same type of information gets old in a hurry! As the conductor of your Social Media train realize that your followers want content that is compelling, that may not relate directly to your business directly but is nonetheless interesting to the demographic following your page. The already “like” your company. You want to give followers a reason to continue to visit your page.

Building data base through incentive based vehicles is a great way to grow your page. Also, promote your page. You’re on the right track but your followers aren’t climbing aboard because you’re doing nothing to drive traffic! Advertising on Facebook is affordable compared to all other media and you can geo-target traffic driven to your page where you build database, generate new fans, brand awareness and generate income.

Get in touch with your Social Media strategist to help you navigate your Social Media course. Keep in mind that speaking English doesn’t make you a writer and knowing design and Photoshop software doesn’t make you a graphic designer, knowing how to post to Facebook or Instagram doesn’t make you a marketing professional.

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