Bocar Car Care Products is a leading Canadian marketer and distributor of professional automotive cleaning and detailing products and accessories. Cytryn Design & Communications began working with them in early July, at which time their Facebook page had 506 followers.

One strategy marketers use to gauge consumer interest in a brand is to create a small, simple contest. With this in mind Cytryn created a consumer friendly contest where followers had to tag a friend and share the post in order to enter. The post that we created which is being shared by the contest entrant (to their social media page) will now result in their followers also seeing it. Tagging a friend means that the friend now gets involved, and so their friends see it as well. In a successfully conceived and implemented contest this should lead to “organic reach” (naturally occurring expansion) as one friend tells another friend who tells another friend and so on.

This Quebec based company launched their contest in French on August 3rd, and followed this in English on August 14th, with an expected completion at the end of August.

When Cytryn creates a post, contest or informative content, we will immediately begin to monitor its organic growth. When it becomes clear that it has reached its maximum audience, we will often suggest an incremental budgetary investment in advertising to “boost” the post and reach an even wider audience.

Within 2 days of launching this contest we knew we had a big winner! Our monitoring revealed that the organic reach was increasing exponentially. Although we did modestly increase the ad budget to attain a wider audience, the original organic reach resulting from the 2 posts greatly exceeded the subsequent paid reach.

By The Numbers

Total reach: 75,300.

Organic reach: 60,446.

Paid reach: 14,853.

Post likes: 631.

Consumer comments: 787.

Post shares: 1,037.

In conclusion the takeaway from this contest is that consumers are interested in Bocar and its products. For the cost of the retail products given away, far more consumers were reached than what had been expected from the paid advertising portion. Moreover, our 506 followers have more than quadrupled, growing to 2,051.