More than 80% of small and medium sized businesses leverage social media to market their company. As more consumers use social media platforms to engage with brands and companies, this number will climb. These facts are relevant only if companies continue to get involved, because their customers certainly are! Here are a few tips to help you engage your local demographic.

  1. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Consumers are more likely to engage with a post that contains a visual. Ensure that your posts all include an appealing image that compliments the caption. You don’t have to hire an expensive photographer as great images can come from our smart phone camera. You can also monitor relevant hashtags and use images that have been taken by happy customers.   

  1. The Numbers Tell The Story

Pay attention to the analytics offered by each platform. Be aware of the time during which most of your followers are seeing your content. What type of posts are garnering the most engagement? Follow your most successful content with similarly themed material. Please note that quality content captures interest and engagement, and always beats out higher quantity that is less relevant.

  1. You Have To Pay To Play

You may have a Facebook or Instagram page but get very few new followers, and those who do follow are not engaging with your content. As social media algorithms only allow you to organically reach a fraction of your followers, you are highly encouraged to establish an ad budget to better reach potential and existing followers. Geo-targeting options even empower you to select the preferences and locations of your specific demographic. For a few dollars a day, businesses can reach their local targeted market.

  1. Incentivize Engagement

Everyone likes to be rewarded, or feel that they have gotten a great deal. There are many options such as a gift with purchase, a discount, free or bonus product, a gift card etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of great value to achieve the objectives of driving interest, purchase intent and increased sales volume. Metrics show that most often, the investment cost of whatever incentive you’re offering ultimately generates more revenue than would be achieved by directing your budget towards advertising.

 The conclusion is that if you build it (and just leave it), they may not come. Simply having a Facebook or Instagram page won’t guarantee success.Taking advantage of the tips above is a good start in leveraging your social media. Certainly, by reaching out to a social media professional (Click here), you can enjoy additional guidance and take advantage of many additional strategies that can be customized and targeted for your specific target audience. Social media success means that your consumers get involved with the products and/or services offered by your business, and then watch how much faster your business will expand!